Estate Planning



  • Document collection and storage
  • Intergenerational wealth planning
  • Legacy strategy & planned giving
  • Coordination with attorneys and accountants
  • Funding strategies

Cornerstone can help you navigate your estate planning needs in conjunction with your legal and tax advisors. There are two misconceptions that cause some people to avoid this crucial issue. The first is that estate planning is only necessary for families with extreme wealth, and the second is that estate planning is a project rather than an ongoing process.
It is not only about trying to minimize the taxes you will pay on your inheritance. That is a critical component, but so are end-of-life care decisions and the organization of your assets, which ensures everything is executed according to your wishes in as efficient a manner as possible.
Your needs change, and so do laws. Your plan in your thirties will not be exactly what you want in your sixties. The tax regime over the next 30 years will also likely change. If you aren’t reviewing your estate plan regularly, you should be. No one likes seeing their hard work frittered away via taxes or other expenses.
There are many intricacies to proper estate planning, but it does not need to be a complex process for you if you partner with a firm who can guide you through the process. We stand ready to serve.