Family Office Support



  • Reporting and analytics expertise
  • Account data aggregation
  • Investment due diligence
  • Fully customized reporting

If you run a family office, there may be times where it would be helpful to have a partner who offers services that complement your strengths. We can provide a customized suite of services that will assist you in fulfilling your commitment to the family. We can be the partner you need.
Our family office extension services are based on our core competencies: asset management, data aggregation, and insurance consulting. These services can bolster the areas in which you might not have expertise.
Our institutional consulting team enables family offices to provide deeper investment due diligence; consolidate accounts across ownership, generations, and levels of liquidity; and produce customizable performance reporting that is delivered via secured technology.
In addition, our insurance consulting team can work with you and your existing advisors to review, implement, and monitor insurance portfolios tailored to the needs of the family and its business interests.
When you partner with Cornerstone, you receive the full breadth and depth of our expertise to supplement your existing services. We will provide you with what we do best, allowing you to spend more time on what you do best.