Giving Back

Cornerstone cares

Cornerstone Cares is an evergreen community impact campaign. Cornerstone employees believe it is our duty to be on the forefront in shaping the world we want to live in.


We believe education is a right, not a privilege. Everyone should have access to educational opportunities to heighten their chance of acquiring new skill-sets that can make them more employable and productive members of society.


We believe health and safety are critical building blocks to our society. It is important to maintain safety and general health for all individuals in the community no matter the financial circumstances.


We believe the benefits of arts and culture in our communities are understated. Integrating arts in our lives deepens relationships and builds social capital. Community enrichment centers serve as knowledge hubs for individuals to connect with others.

To accomplish our mission, Cornerstone Cares has established a donor-advised fund to be used to support charitable organizations and fund scholarships in our communities. This campaign is the product of passionate employees that want to help guide our firm now and in the future. We pledge hours of community service to organizations engaged in missions aligned with ours.


Each year, Cornerstone invites a select group of students to experience our office for a week in January – during winter break, and another group of students for a week in May – early summer. The purpose of the externship program is to provide an opportunity for students to listen, learn and get a behind-the-scenes look at a financial advisory firm. Over the course of a week, students will hear from administrators, assistants, analysts, consultants and executive management, learning about their roles and responsibilities.


Externs chosen to participate will rotate as a group throughout the firm, spending time with each of our team members to learn about the educational background, personal paths and experiences that have brought our employees to Cornerstone.


Topics discussed with each team member will range from approach and methodology to client services and internal operations. Externs are asked to take these topics into consideration while participating in a sample task or project discussion with the group.


Student must be enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate program with a class status of sophomore, junior
or senior. It is recommended that the student has a desire for a career in the financial services industry.

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