• Life insurance
  • Buy-sell insurance
  • Key man insurance
  • Balance sheet leverage
  • Tax efficiency
  • Cost recovery
  • ESOP repurchase liability funding
  • Executive benefits
  • Non-qualified retirement plans

Your organization faces risks that can be managed with proper planning. They could be key person risk, future liability risk, or the risk that employees may consider your benefits package to be lacking. The solution may be life, long-term care, or disability insurance programs that can be implemented in tax-friendly and cost-efficient ways.
Insurance is used to fund future liabilities. It can have a prominent place in your portfolio, but it has characteristics that need to be positioned correctly. If your concern is short-term in nature, the resulting insurance should be structured differently than if you are managing a long-term expense.
As an asset on the books of your organization, you have a fiduciary duty to understand how your insurance portfolio is designed, what to expect, and how to monitor it. These have traditionally been areas where the insurance industry has been lacking. When you work with Cornerstone, you’ll receive our help in each of these areas. We strive to bring understanding to what is often an opaque asset class. Transparency is a core belief and competency of our firm.