Christopher J. McKinley

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Chris serves as Cornerstone’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. As CCO, Chris is responsible for ensuring that Cornerstone meets its clients’ needs within the highest fiduciary, legal, and regulatory standards. Chris also sits on Cornerstone’s Board of Directors and chairs Cornerstone’s Lead Team, a group of five individuals who are charged with running the day-to-day operations of the organization. In these roles, Chris’s leadership impacts virtually every facet of the organization. Chris came to Cornerstone with a background in data aggregation and normalization, reporting, vendor management and information technology which, when combined with his finance and compliance training, make him a natural fit to oversee Cornerstone’s operations. Although Chris grew up and began his career in New England, he came to Bethlehem for college and loved the area so much that he has made a permanent home here. Chris and his wife enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors with their dog.

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