Cornerstone is our life’s work — an ongoing process of developing great talent to best serve you. Like the needs of our diverse clientele, our capabilities are ever-increasing. The constant is our culture of providing leadership in a complex financial marketplace.

In our business, there are distinctions between legal requirements and best practices. Our mandate is to transcend requirements to provide our clients what they truly deserve: a consulting firm wholly committed to them and their best interests.

Here at Cornerstone, we put our best team on the field. Whether you engage our retirement planning, insurance, private wealth, or institutional consulting teams, you have access to the entirety of the firm’s deep understanding of your assets and needs.

In 2016, as a commitment to our employees and our clients, the firm became 100% employee owned through the implementation of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). This means each employee/owner benefits from the long-term success of the firm. That success is rooted in our commitment to client satisfaction, aligning our interests with yours.

Why Cornerstone?

Quite simply, for our Insight. Influence. Integrity.
And the benefits each provides you.

As an Insightful firm...

We provide you specific guidance, not generic recommendations — When you retain an advisor, you expect customized, sound solutions. With hundreds of years of industry experience across the team, Cornerstone provides just that. Once we understand your situation, we design a portfolio that fits your needs.

We are always following, but are not necessarily followers of, new market trends — You may hear about a hot new idea. Some of them are good, and some of them are not. Cornerstone is responsible for evaluating and implementing those that make sense for you. We are also accountable to steer you away from those that do not.

As an Influential firm...

We construct tailored solutions for you — Your needs are multifaceted, but your time is limited. No one firm is optimal for all aspects of a full investment solution; we leverage our extensive industry experience to retain skilled third-party providers for you. We then manage these firms to ensure not only that they meet your needs but also that you receive their “A-game.”

We have the ability to get interested parties to make the decisions we want them to make in the best interest of our clients. — Cornerstone works with hundreds of service providers, custodians, vendors and money managers on behalf of our clients. We are constantly negotiating with them on a plethora of issues including problem solving, service disputes, contract language, error correction, pricing concessions, underwriting and product access. The ability to enhance our clients' experience is at the essence of influence.

As a firm with Integrity...

We do the hard work, especially when no one is watching — Your assets require more attention than a monthly or quarterly report. Our teams are regularly working on your account and interfacing with your other service providers to provide proactive and thoughtful service. We are working on your behalf while you are busy attending to the rest of your responsibilities.

We tell the truth no matter how hard it is — Your best relationships are likely based on honesty. So are ours. When the hard decisions need to be made, our team will be ready to serve your best interests. Sometimes hearing the truth may be hard, but our advice is always based on thoughtful considerations regarding what is best for you.